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Christmas Maternity Shirt Ideas For Mom-To-Be 2022

When your pregnancy advances, more people will notice your growing belly. A cheerful way to welcome curious glances? We've got you covered! The list of Christmas maternity shirt ideas below will be the choice to reveal your pregnancy.  Let's scroll down this article and choose the best items for yourself or to give expectant mothers!

Christmas Maternity Shirt Ideas 

Christmas shirts for pregnant women come in various designs and layouts, ranging from amusing and witty to lovely and heartfelt. There will be something that suits your taste in this list. Let's check out these suggestions!

#1. Snowman Maternity Shirt

Are you willing to share your Christmas enthusiasm with your new baby this year? Consider this fun shirt with the snowman design for your baby bump! It is a creative way to incorporate a new baby into your holiday celebrations. This new design of maternity tee is authentic maternity wear, with a larger region around your belly with a slightly right edge with ruching.

#2. Pregnancy Announcement T-shirt

Are you searching for a way to announce your upcoming little angel to your family and friends? There is nothing more significant than these couple's shirts.  Your relatives quickly know your baby is on the way thanks to the quote, "The buck behind the bump," "Oh deer, I'm pregnant!" with the cute illustration of baby feet.  These items are available in various colors and sizes, so you will quickly get the most suitable and comfortable ones for you and your lover. 

#3. Extra Merry This Year Shirt

Do you want to tell everyone that you have a cute baby in your belly but don't need to say it directly? This clothing item will help! Wear it on the winter holiday and enjoy the Noel atmosphere with your beloved.  Everyone will realize you are a mom-to-be thanks to the funny quote "Extra merry this year" and the image of baby feet. 

#4. Guess Who's Coming To Town Shirt

You can wear this trendy shirt to celebrate Christmas with your beloved ones while revealing that you have an upcoming baby.  This clothing item is perfect for any occasion, whether a bachelor party, birthday, engagement, baby shower, or photoshoot.  Your friends and family will be delighted to see the quote on your tee "Guess who's coming to town"!

#5. Baby On The Way Maternity Shirt

Do you want to inform your spouse that your little angel is coming to this world?  It's a great idea to give him the shirt with the quote, "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells," while you will be wearing another one with the saying "Baby on the way."  You can also customize this tee by adding your baby's name and your child's expected date of birth. 

#6. Cookies For Two Shirt

Imagine how your husband, boyfriend, family members, or friends will be excited when reading the quote, "Christmas cookies for two, please"! This tee also has illustrations of Xmas trees, gingerbread cookies, and snowflakes. It's such an exciting way to reveal your pregnancy.  The material is soft, lightweight, and comfortable for expectant mothers to dress up for any special event. 

#7. There More The Merrier Shirt

With the metaphor "The more, the merrier," you won't have to announce the arrival of your little one directly. The image of cute baby feet creates a highlight for this item. It's ideal for wearing and taking part in any celebrations this year.  This garment is diverse in size, ranging from S to 3XL, so that you can get the comfiest item for your belly. 

#8. Mommy's Little Christmas Gifts Shirt

Do you have two babies about to be born? Share this good news with everyone on this special occasion. Every member will be super excited to know that there will be two angels preparing to celebrate Christmas with them in the following years.  The image of twins coming out of the belly and the saying, "Mommy's little Christmas gifts," make this item much more adorable to wear on many celebrations. 

#9. Stuffed With A Baby Shirt

You usually celebrate Christmas every year with gingerbread cookies or eggnog. Let's welcome something else this year: a baby! This clothing item is perfect for taking part in family gatherings or a baby shower to reveal that you are a pregnant mom. 

#10. Merry Christmas Also, I'm Pregnant Shirt

Besides thousands of metaphorical images and quotes, you also have direct ways of announcing your pregnancy. This clothing item is among the best strategies to let others know about your upcoming baby.  Everyone can quickly know the good news thanks to the quote, "Merry Christmas. Also, I'm pregnant". 

How To Choose A Christmas Maternity Shirt? 

Is it hard to find a shirt for an expectant mother to wear at Noel? Don't worry! The following buying guides will be helpful for you!


These items will always be available at any mom-and-baby brand. It's better to buy things from big names to ensure the quality.  Since the mom's skin is relatively sensitive, choosing famous brands with high-quality clothing products is wise. 


The quality of the shirts depends on various factors like the brand or the price. Usually, famous manufacturers come with premium products.  Besides, selecting safe materials for expectant mothers, such as cotton, is advisable.  This fabric is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear for many hours or on hot days. 


It should be a matter of your budget. However, remember that expensive merchandise is often worth its price.  Moreover, don't hesitate to pay for costly items as their quality will be ideal for a mother. 


It's better to opt for items with designs related to Christmas or baby, such as Xmas trees, candy cane, Santa Claus, or baby feet.  If you prefer writing, it should be metaphors symbolizing your baby's arrival! 

Where To Buy A Christmas Maternity Shirt?

You can quickly get these items in any clothing store in your region. Shopping with your spouse is also a great experience this holiday. You can visit online stores if you feel like not going out shopping due to your big belly. They also offer various options and diverse styles.  Nevertheless, you must ensure your order arrives before the winter holiday! Here are some of the most reliable websites you can get clothing items before Christmas:






Wrapping Up

Have you looked through our list of Christmas maternity shirt suggestions? Hopefully, you have picked your favorite ones for yourself or given them to other moms.  Everyone will always be excited and look forward to the birth of a child. Share this good news with your family and friends.  Thanks for reading, and Merry Xmas!




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